Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Post on Adalou Vintage!

Sandi from Adalou Vintage asked me to share some pictures on her lovely blog.

You can take a look at my weekend in pictures here - Anna Z Guest Post

Thank you again Sandi!


Sandi said...

No thank you Anna :) Happy Thursday!

Dawn said...

I checked out your guest post! It's so funny to see pictures that you have taken because I have similar ones from the same places! Granted, I haven't been to the canal for about two years, and the last time I visited Broad Ripple was my birthday (May). All the same, it is always so fascinating to see you (who I've never met) and your pictures of places that I, too, know!

Erika said...

Glad there's a picture of me.... you know.... YOUR GUEST?!?!?!?!