Monday, April 23, 2012

1. Morning bike ride 2. Brunch at Hoaglin 3. Cultural Trail 4. State Museum 5. Duck family on the canal

Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo Swap with Violet // Photo an hour

Hey everyone! It's Violet again from Blytheponytailparades and I am stopping in to share my Saturday Photo an hour shots! Last Saturday, I had plans to do a maternity shoot at sunset. I was pretty excited to choose this day to do a photo an hour because I would be able to share those shots with you. Sadly, the rain did not take this into consideration and poured all throughout the day keeping me and my husband indoors. BUT, it was still a wonderful and relaxing day! Here's how it started:
-9 AM- First thing I do every Saturday morning is go down stairs, let my puppy out and do my makeup for the day. Weekdays are more of my meh days on makeup. If I have time to do it at traffic lights, I will. Otherwise, I end up not caring and walk around half the day at work with one eye lined black and the other cleaned off. It's embarrassing. But Saturdays are when I ACTUALLY try ;)
-10 AM- My husband and I have started a tradition to either go out or make breakfast every Saturday morning. I've really loved doing it so far! Breakfast is my favorite. And iHop pretty much rocks.
-11 AM- After some breakfast, we decided to stop at the mall and walk around (cause what else is there to do on rainy days?). I ended up shopping around for a new dress for Japan. Forever 21 is my favorite.
-12 PM- Still shopping. H&M seriously had the good stuff that day. But I never found the dress I wanted for Japan. This one was cute though. I felt like I looked like a 12 year old girl though. My husband agreed : /
-1 PM- Driving in the rain…
-2 PM- Grocery shopping is only fun when we go together. Otherwise I hate it.
-3 PM- Did my nails…it's a rarity for me to sit down and actually take the time to do them anymore. But I love this OPI color SO much!
-4 PM- We laid around and I took a nap on the couch. I decided this was a MUCH better picture than one of me flopped on the couch.
-5 PM- My Marshmallow watched me make dinner.
-6 PM- Finishing off dinner with some lemon cookies! My favorite ^_^
-8 PM- We broke out some new wine we picked up that day. Can you tell why I bought it? Yes the packaging is adorable, but the wine is INCREDIBLE. So incredible that I had more than I usually do…like a full glass instead of a half. I'm a lightweight ;)

Time to get ready for bed :)

Thanks for having me again Anna! Come on over and visit the blog sometime! I'd love to have you :)

Thank you Violet! You take such lovely photos.