Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Distant Cleveland

I took this polaroid a year ago standing on a hill at Edgewater Park in Cleveland. This picture accurately depicts how I feel today.


Dawn said...

So you're feeling a bit gloomy and grainy? ;)

In all seriousness, I understand. It's amazing how, one day, an image can jump out at you and "speak" to you (like those annoying martini glasses in that Pier One commercial). I think it is similar with editing as well; some days I'll feel good about some random image, and then--not even a couple of weeks later--I'll look back and go, "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" (Which are precisely my thoughts on my last post.)

Also, I need to get a Polaroid.

Anna Zimmerman said...

@Dawn I am...grainy and gloomy! I think its the weather here. Although, today its sunny. Finally.

Haha. That Pier One commercial is hilarious (and annoying)! And I totally agree about the pictures I took years ago and the ones I take now. Even from the view finder to photoshop my feelings change.

I'm checking out your latest post right now.