Monday, May 25, 2009


Andy and I were able to go behind the scenes of the Great Lakes Brewery on Friday. Our friend Josh, works as a brewer and was willing to show us what he does everyday. We, along with a bunch of friends, sampled a lot of beer. At the end of the tour I definitely had a little buzz going on. We also were able to try the unfermented beer straight out of one of the huge tanks through a spigot. ( I did not know how to spell that word until I looked it up right now )

My favorite beer tasted that night isn't even out yet! And honestly, the name has slipped my mind. Great Lakes does do organized tours with a real tour guide...if you're interested.

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Scout said...

So cool! You didn't tell me about this! That sounds like a lot of fun, not to mention tasting surprise beers for free.