Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 Things

01. I feel the most joy when I'm with my family and close friends
02. I really like to sing and really want to learn guitar
03. My two sisters both work with children but I have no interest
04. I strive to do good work and feel fulfilled
05. I'm a people pleaser most times
06. I really enjoy making homemade gifts
07. I get so annoyed when people talk poorly about something they have no idea about
08. I rarely eat meat but I don't consider myself a vegetarian
09. Finding a new career/job is on the top of my list right now
10. I'm very self conscious about the photos I take
11. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail before I'm 30
12. Bold party blend Chex mix is my favorite snack
13. I can't afford my dental bills so keep rescheduling my appointments
14. I have the most fun bike riding with Andy with no destination in mind
15. I'm pretty sure my hair is thinning out and I'm panicking
16. I really miss my good friend Ben and think of him everyday
17. I haven't bought new clothes in months
18. I like to hug, good hugs
19. I try to do something physical daily and if I don't I feel guilty
20. I'm a middle child

*I took this photo about 4 years ago at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio on top of the ferris wheel

tagged by Nicole



I love your Blog Anna ! I love your photos!

Mom said...

You are the best. I love you. ♥

Yellow Finch said...

great list! i'm off to work on mine, Nicole tagged me as well :)

I love this shot. I actually live about an hour and a half south of Sandusky.

Dawn said...

I'm a hugger, too. I love hugs; long, good, bear-hug-like hugs. Where you know the person on the other side cares about you and wants to squeeze you until you can't breathe. Funny you mention Chex Mix. I'm actually munching on some at work right now. And I know you're self-conscious about your photos. Isn't everyone? They're something so personal, something that really is a piece of you. As a result, you end up feeling incredibly vulnerable when you share them. However, I'll tell you this: I think I'm terrible. I just never know what I'm doing with my camera. I never have a clue. I'm not that talented; it's just something I enjoy doing. And, in the end, when I'm looking at something I took, I always end up comparing it to your work, to your style. Because I love your photos, Anna. They are breath-taking and sensitizing.