Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Things I'm Missing

Bike riding and frozen yogurt. And, taking pictures with my camera.


Jennifer Lake said...

You mean, take pictures with an actual camera? Who does that anymore when you have a camera phone?

Ugh. I wish I could make a better effort to get out and use my actual camera. New years resolutions.

Melissa said...

Love both of these pictures! Biking is my fave.

<3 Melissa

Dawn said...

Could you imagine biking today? BRR. Oh my goodness. Do you guys ride bikes at all in the winter, once things have been cleared off somewhat? And I'm so sorry about your camera. I hope that you're able to get it fixed sometime, or that you were able to get something for Christmas to remedy your situation. Speaking of Christmas, I hope that you had a wonderful, merry Christmas, and that you guys stay safe and warm today!