Friday, November 2, 2012

My Week in Snaps | October 20 - November 2

01. overlook on I-80
02. verrazano bridge
03. the highline
04. on the ferry looking at manhattan
05. central park
06. central park again
07. on the staten island ferry
08. nbc studios
09. ramen!
10. beautiful sunset on monday night
11. andy awaiting the q line

i really do love ny.


Amber said...

Hi Anna!

What a sweet blog. I adore your photos... especially the ones of Central Park. I, too, love NYC. These photos make me miss it so much! Do you live there?

You take really great photos.. I'm just getting into photography myself (as a hobby!) Glad to have discovered your blog.

Have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

Did you drive all the way over there? Wow. That had to be pretty awesome if you did. I've been to NYC once, and would love to visit again. Your little snapshots are such a picturesque summary of your visit. The last one of Andy in front of the line is fantastic.