Friday, October 12, 2012

My Week in Snaps / September 29th - October 12th

01 Riding in Chicago
02 Kara's tofu scramble
03 Jess riding fixie
04 Stickygrams birthday gift from my sister
05 Bike ride along the White River
06 Kongcat at his favorite window
07 Kara in front of her house in Chicago
08 Leaves in Fountain Square
09 Me in the bathroom being vain
10 Bean wreath I made this week
11 Ride to Broad Ripple

 All photos taken with iPhone and edited with Instagram. Follow me @annaezimmerman.


Crissy said...

Ooh I like the grain in that first photo!

Dawn said...

I love how soft your images always look. Also (in a laundry list for your convenience):

-- that food looks mighty tasty (and I have yet to yet lunch, so that makes it even worse to look at)
-- KONG CAT. It's been awhile since he's made an appearance.
--That fantastic bike photo again.

Nicole said...

That bean wreath is really awesome!

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