Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things I'm Afraid To Tell You

01. I'm scared to commit to anyone or anything
02. I don't think I'll ever be confident with my body
03. I am always stressing about money
04. I still like Lindsay Lohan
05. I don't know if I'll ever feel fulfilled in a job
06. It kills me inside when someone is disappointed or upset with me
07. I'm very impatient
08. I believe in Jesus Christ but I refuse to flaunt it
09. I like watching reality tv
10. I sing to animals, constantly
11. I get jealous pretty easily
12. I will never understand why some people aren't polite
13. Chewing gum would be torture for me
14. I'm really self conscious of my personal photography
15. I like beer more than wine
16. I think living away from family and close friends is one of the hardest things
17. I find it really hard to let go of things that hurt me
18. I'll be 25 next month
19. Moving to a new city and meeting good people is so much harder than I thought
20. I love being busy
21. I can't decide if seeing a lot of my close friends getting married makes me want to or not
22. Relationships mean so much to me
23. I would love to sing in a choir
24. I feel most happy when I wake up at my parents house
25. I still own all the band tshirts I wore in high school and love them so much
26. I haven't cried hard in a long time
27. I miss playing basketball competitively
28. I have never had a doughnut
29. Sometimes I feel like I connect with animals more than people
30. I hate being alone

...Your turn.

Credit to Ana. She since has deleted her post.


swonderful said...

Wait, you are still in Indy right? I know I have kids so I probably seem... different. But let me tell you, based on that list we are A LOT alike. We should hang out. No pressure. But, you know. WE SHOULD.

Anna Zimmerman said...

@swonderful Erin, we REALLY should. Email me!

Dawn said...

I was actually planning on doing something like this sometime this month...everyone is so human when they share these things. I don't doubt that it was also difficult to post this as well. Have you ever seen Rhianne's blog "For the Easily Distracted?" She posts lots and lots of analogue photos. She often talks about how she uses photos more than words, and how that makes her self-conscious of how she expresses things. Then, of course, she gets nervous to share certain photos as well. I think you're kind of in the same boat--photos are just as personal, just as expressive, as words can be. They are a part of you, a part of what you see and how you imagine the world, so criticism can be destructive. I hope you know that I--among with many others, I'm sure--greatly enjoy looking at your blog and seeing your adventures. Thank you for sharing these bits and pieces about yourself. I, too, sing to my cat. (Whether or not she likes it, I do not care.) And commitment? If only you knew... I hope that things are going well for you otherwise. Are you being let go from Wiley as well?

Anna Zimmerman said...

@Dawn thanks for your comment. And yes, I do believe photos are just as personal as words. Well, for me anyhow. And no, I didn't get let go. Things are changing around here though so I'm expecting it may be soon. I'm in good spirits!

Blytheponytailparades said...

I did this today :)

Sandi said...

I've really enjoyed reading this Anna, and I love knowing a bit more about you. We have a few things in common to many to number out but it's nice knowing these things touch home for you too. I know number 16 really stands out to me as we live no where near the ones we love. I have always loved popping over here to your blog and seeing what adventures you've been up lately. Your photography is such a good representation of how like really is which I love! The fact that you shoot photos as life as it is and not all dolled up to be something it's not. It makes you so unique and for me it's refreshing knowing that behind the lens of things you capture what's most important to you. Thank you for always sharing little pieces of your life with us. I'm sure it's not always easy to do but I know I'm so grateful for it. Have a wonderful day sweet lady :)

Sandi said...

that was "how life (not like) really is" ;)

Nicole said...

First of all, yes, you and Erin need to hang out and then I'm coming to hang out with you both! Second, I really fucking love this Anna! I'm going to do it too. I love you just the way you are!! :) xo

Kelly Ann said...

whoa. i feel like we're internet soulmates! more than 1/2 of your list i thought to myself "me too"