Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photo Swap with Violet // City Market

Hey everyone! It's me, Violet again and I'm here to swap some photos with Anna today! Recently my husband and I took a trip downtown for the weekly winter Farmer's Market for some fresh food! I had a blast as I LOVE farmer's markets and it got me really pumped for spring. We got some super yummy red baby potatoes, some Amish spicy cheese and some wildflower honey. But most importantly, I was able to snag some super delectable macarons from Circle City Sweets (which makes the best Macarons in town). I had a rosewater white chocolate, a vanilla bean and hazelnut...and no, I didn't eat them all at once, as tempting as that was ;) Have a fantastic weekend everyone and I will see you next time!

Thanks Anna for swapping with me once again and make sure you check out my blog for Anna's photo swap!

Thank you Violet! I LOVE the picture of the macarons. :-)

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